A New Age of Analytics Awaits

A New Age of Analytics Awaits

Modern business ecosystem demands a new era of data analytics- we are talking IoT, Big Data, open source technologies, cloud computing, and structured & unstructured data processing. Our CXOs need their strategies to be more than sheer transcription of the trade dynamics.

Traditional business intelligence techniques hold huge potential for errors that creep their way into the final inferences. This directly translates to huge losses, in terms of market position and trade insights. These dents are plausibly avoidable, if a set of latest techniques are adopted for the purpose of data aggregation, measurement, and analysis.

A couple of decades ago, only a handful could relate business intelligence to machine learning and predictive analytics. At present, the interlinking concept attracts attention from multi-million domain experts. Conclusions from elaborate research and discussion insists that these technovations add scalability and profitability to several business functions.

Seven Plots That Cause the Difference

SIBIA, as a boutique analytics provider, is powered by industry veterans who are familiar with the data intricacies that matter within this domain. Since the time of its inception, it has sustained its focus on bringing what the industry has been missing on—democratizing perfectly consolidated live data and ambient technological developments for business development purposes.

We elaborate the seven enriching technological adoptions that brings the necessary difference to our solutions:

  1. Third-party Data Sourcing for added perspective

    Enterprise data in its own, presents a limited perspective to the broader picture. This is why we incorporate the third-party public data sources, such as evidence-based census, bureau of statistics, NSSO, CSO, RBI, and other government agencies, to gestate incredible information that can help identify new segment and product opportunities.

  2. Internet of Things for building ‘extra insights’

    Active physical nodes generate data at every instant and during each interaction, which when mapped could answer a whole bunch of behavioral and structural queries. We make use of the live streams of similar datasets to enhance the concluding analytics insights.

  3. Big Data technology for recovering latent intelligence

    The extensive and variable datasets withhold treasure troves of business-relevant intelligence, the recovery of which usually succumbs to the outrageous volume of information available. We expose the unknown opportunities that lie beneath the massive datasets with perceptive Big Data analytics, to solve complex trade problems with proportional ease.

  4. Open Source solutions for optimizing capital costs

    There is no greater advantage than being universally compliant. We stand in complete agreement with this fact. Therefore, we craft open-source cost-effective solutions that are scalable, flexible, affordable, and help cut down on the capital expenditures.

  5. Cloud Computing platforms for immense scalability

    Colossal computing capabilities lie at the root of successful analytics; a requisite which is generously catered to by cloud-based platforms. We leverage the cloud technology to deliver live and secured solutions that can be expanded on demand, minus any upfront investment on infrastructure.

  6. Unstructured Data Analytics for consolidating feedback

    The recovery of information scattered within the customer reviews, feedbacks, and comments is a challenge in itself that most fail to combat.We integrate Natural Language Processing with our solutions that help uncover the significant traits about your products, services, as well as the business processes from these sources.

  7. Digital Data Analysis for identifying audience types

    The audience and customer interactions that are recorded over a website or e-commerce platform speak volumes about the performance of a business. We dig into the digital structured/unstructured data to unveil exhaustive insights about customer interests and affinity.

To sum it up, the effective advantage of having suchlike solutions at your disposal, over the prevalent traditional management information systems, can be measured over a scale of accuracy, convenience, and consistency. The longer it takes the enterprises to make the obvious switch, the better portion of market shares would continue to evade them.

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