How marketers can leverage the power of data: 4 examples

How marketers can leverage the power of data: 4 examples

In recent times, the consumption of media has changed significantly. The consumers are interacting with the organisations not only through the physical stores but also through devices such as smartphones. And to reach on-the-go customers in real-time, the marketers mainly depend on data. By tapping the power of data, marketers can ensure unparalleled engagement and reach. Here are a few ways through which marketers can use data to their benefit:

Centralising the fragmented Data

Marketers can organise and synthesise all the fragmented data from various customer sources such as mobile application, point-of-sales system, other social accounts and e-commerce platforms into a single data set. This will give them an overall view of the customers by their interactions, preferences, and purchase history. This further helps the marketers to develop targeted campaigns for engaging customers and for driving advanced segmentation. If you are looking forward to harnessing the power of data, we can help. We are one of the leading data analytics companies in India. For further details, get in touch with us at

Expanding the number of fields

By broadening the number of fields that the marketers gather on customers and other prospects can help them customise their interactions and the content for customers. This helps in turning the digital relationship more personal and unique. This helps in increasing the engagement rates. Moreover, expanding the number of fields also helps in improving data analytics.

Using data to increase revenue

Data analytics can be used to match sales reps for targeting a particular customer segment for improving close rates and customer satisfaction. Data can be used to optimise customer service by understanding the customers in a better way.

 Using data for improving marketing strategy

Data can be used to fill the gap between what the customers want and what the competitors are offering. Marketers can use data to gain deeper insights into what the customer's desire and what they need. However, to do this a strong knowledge of the capabilities and weakness of the competitors. This can help the marketers to plan unique marketing campaigns.

There are infinite ways of leveraging the power of data. Mere knowledge of how to use them puts the marketers a step ahead. If you are a marketer, then we hope that these strategies will help you in staying ahead in the competition.

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