TV will be the king in media

TV will be the king in media

Some weeks back, Bengal Chambers (BNCCI - has hold an interesting seminar Mediamorphosis – debating on how media around us is changing. We all are pretty enthusiastic about the new digital media and how it is becoming omnipresent.

However, the wise men thought otherwise. Sam Balsara, one of the finest and oldest minds in media and advertising in India, CMD of Madison India, affirmatively stated, with support of enough data, that Television will be the undoubted leader in media at least for next five years. TV will hold lions share in the total media investment, to the tune of 60% or more.

So marketers can no way ignore, or even shift focus from TV. Competitors will be gaining share of voice, and through that share of market, possibly.

However, TV will also become complex than ever. We are already operating with 800 channels in India, with another 1200 awaiting approval from Ministry of Information and Broadcast. It is a nightmare, and will be a more dreadful one, for the marketers when she will be planning for TV or allocating budget across TV channels.

Media fragmentation is at the height of it, and will scale higher only in the coming days. There are regional, vernacular channels across genres, then there are national channels with two languages (Hindi/ English), and then there are international channels coming in/ waiting to enter the market with big bang plans.

The media manager for a brand must need to ponder over all the available channels/ genres in different languages – markets where she is an established brand, and markets she needs to focus to grow the brand. Clearly, the game is more complex than we think – and a simple gutt feel will not do the trick.

So media optimization will be the key. Given the limited and ever shrinking budget, at least in the real terms as CPRPs are only going upwards, she has to take an informed decision. She must be able to measure the ROI from each channel – and then allocate budget more efficiently.

It has never been an easy task to optimize the channel mix – especially with so much fragmentation and regional dynamics. The most efficient approach must come through a data driven one, and the efficacy of the approach will depend on how scientific we are in our quantitative methods.

 We, at SIBIA analytics, strives to bring in the most accurate ROI measurements across channels, so that our marketer friends can optimize over channels more smartly.

You can add a table with data from following link:

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